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CS XFG SHOWDOWN (Admin Recruiting for CS)

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CS XFG SHOWDOWN (Admin Recruiting for CS)

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 06, 2011 10:43 am

I am still in search for Administrators of CS, which is why I have finally decided to select only ONE Administrator for CS by hosting a Simple Race. I have come to this conclusion as I want to recruit an experienced racer and also a racer who has had high experience of using Live For Speed. This Event is for anybody that uses Live For Speed quite often and think that they have a potential to be the best racer out there. To be selected as a CS Administrator you have to win the most races till the event terminates on Wednesday 9 February 2011, the minimum requirement to enter this competition is that you must win atleast 3 races (Please note that even if a person who wins the most with below 3 wins, nobody will be selected as a CS Administrator). This race is not mandatory to those who are on the Administrators list of CS. The list has been recently updated, so check it out if you think you have applied and also check whether you are an Administrator of CS or not. Even World Life Cruise Owners/Administrators/Members/Officers/Tow Crew Members can apply if they wish to apply. The CS Administrators list can be accessed by clicking here on this Hyperlink.

The Rules of this Racing Event are as follows :-

  • No Ramming
  • No Swearing
  • No Cruising
  • No Drag Racing
  • No Drifting
  • Any kind of Malpractice if forbidden

Failure to follow the rules of the CS XFG SHOWDOWN will result in a BAN till the event terminates. These rules are placed so that people who have no experience of Racing or hooligains do not ruin the chance of others, these rules are also placed to give fairness to every one and also so that there are no obstacles or unwanted rude players on the race track.

To take advantage of this please visit "[CS] XFG SHOWDOWN", and prove that you have the potential to be an amazing race driver and also the potential to become an Administrator of CS.

Please note that this Racing Event is temporary and CS Cruise is predicted to be up and running by Saturday 12 February 2011.

If you have any further Questions please Post message me, reply to this forum topic or even talk to me on the XFG SHOWDOWN server itself

Thank you for reading this post.



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