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Host comands

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Host comands

Post  Khaleel78 on Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:27 am

Host commands

You can use text commands to control normal or nogfx dedicated hosts.

Using the normal text message system (pressing T in a normal host or simply typing into a nogfx host), the message becomes a command if you start it with a slash character.
Simple commands with no parameter

/restart :(re)starts the current race
/qualify :(re)starts qualifying
/end :return to entry screen
/names :toggle display between player and user names
/exit :clean exit from nogfx host (host only)
/help :get list of commands
/reinit :total restart (removes all connections)

Commands with a parameter - entry screen mode

/track XXCR :track and config (e.g. BL1 / SO3R / FE4)
/weather X :lighting (e.g. 1, 2, 3...)
/qual X :qualifying minutes (0 = no qualifying)
/laps X :number of laps (0 = practice)
/hours X :number of hours (if laps not specified)
/wind X :0 no / 1 low / 2 high
/autox X :load autocross layout named X for this track
/axclear :clear autocross layout

Commands with a parameter - any time

/axlist X :get list of layouts for track X - e.g. AU1
/maxguests X :max number of guests that can join host
/carsmax X :max number of cars in a race
/carshost X :max number of cars (real+ai) on host pc
/carsguest X :max number of cars (real+ai) per guest pc
/pps X :smoothness (3-6) number of car updates per second
/msg X :send system message
/rstmin X :no restart for X seconds after race start
/rstend X :no restart for X seconds after race finish
/autokick X :no/yes/ban/spectate (Wrong way drivers)
/midrace X :no/yes (Join during race)
/mustpit X :no/yes (Pit Stop Required)
/start X :fixed/finish/reverse/random (Default race start)
/pass X :set new password (BLANK = no password)
/welcome X.txt :set welcome text file
/tracks X.txt :set list of allowed tracks

Kick and ban commands - any time

/spec X :make user X join the spectators
/kick X :disconnect user X
/ban X Y :ban user X for Y days (0 = 12 hours)
/unban X :remove ban on user X

Penalty commands - during a race

/p_dt X :give player X a drive-through penalty
/p_sg X :give player X a stop & go penalty
/p_30 X :30 seconds added to finish time of player X
/p_45 X :45 seconds added to finish time of player X
/p_clear X :clears penalty

Host settings commands

/vote X :no or yes - guest voting
/select X :no or yes - guest selection
/cars [cars] :use list of cars including a + between them (ex. UF1+XFG+XRG+FBM)

Other text commands

/out X :ignored by LFS but seen by external programs

These commands are also available to any user who has connected to the host using the admin password if one was specified when the host was started.


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Re: Host comands

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:32 am

Nice! Very Happy


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